Regal Aerospace began operation in 2000 and today has established itself becoming one of the world leaders in supplying quality aircraft, engine, and component material. With our dedicated customer service we provide a broad range of after-market support capabilities, based on decades of combined experience, along with comprehensive support by a network of OEM's, MRO's, Authorized representatives and stocking distributors.

Regal Aerospace experience in providing total spares support to all corners of the world insures that you will receive the best quality, non-compromising service at a fair price. We stock an extensive range of products to support your critical, Just-In-Time delivery schedules, so you can lower your costs and shorten your lead times. At Regal Aerospace, we add value to value. Put our experience to work for you.


Over the past years, we've met our commitments. In the process, we've earned the respect of many trusted partners. Today, this means the same superlative service with an even higher level of value. It means The Regal Aerospace Advantage, a seal of service excellence for airlines, OEM's and MRO's. Regal Aerospace means business when it comes to keeping you flying.